BMAS Techical Program, October 1997

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Session 1: Methods and Tools for Behavioral Modeling

Behavioral Modeling of Analog Circuits Using Neural Networks
Jan Vandenbussche, Philippe Lemmerling, Johan Suykens, Georges Gielen ― Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Generation of HDL-A-Code for Nonlinear Behavioral Models
Klaus Hofmann, Jean-Michel Karam, Bernard Courtois, Manfred Glesner Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

Behavioral Model Optimization via Sensitivity-Enhanced Genetic Search (paper 150KB)
C.-J. Shi, Yan Ye, X. D. Tan University of Iowa, USA

Session 2: Issues and Experiences in Behavioral Modeling

Analog and Mixed-Signal Behavioral Modeling : A tutorial
Alan Mantooth, Ian Getreu Analogy, Inc, USA.

Trade-offs in Analog Behavioral Model Development Managing Accuracy and Efficiency
Ronald S. Vogelsong Harris Semiconductor, USA

Statistical Behavioral Modeling and Simulation : Concepts and Techniques
M.A. Styblinski and J.F. Swidzinski Texas A & M University, USA

Session 3: Behavioral Models of Analog Building Blocks

A Behavioral Model for the MOS Colpitts Oscillator
Kartikeya Mayaram Washington State University, USA

An HDL-A/VHDL Model of an Oversampling Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converter
Robert Baraniecki, and Przemyslaw Dabrowski Institute of Electron Technology, Poland, and Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Session 4: Languages and Simulators for Behavioral Modeling

Semantic Validation of VHDL-AMS by an Abstract State Machine (paper 160KB)
Hisashi Sasaki, Kazunori Mizushima, and Takeshi Sasaki Toshiba Corp, Japan, and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Visual Polymorphism in Schematic Capture for VHDL-AMS
D. Parsons, T. Kazmierski University of Southampton, UK.

Berkeley SPICE3F5 Associated to VHDL-AMS, a Multi-Technological Simulator
Oussama Alali, Jean-Jacques Charlot, and Robert Rascalon Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, France, and Dassault Aviation, France

A VHDL Procedural Interface for VHDL: VHPI
Francoise Martinolle, Debra Corlette, Sathyam Pattanam Cadence Design Systems

Session 5: Mixed-Signal Synthesis and Testing with AHDLs

KANDIS - A Tool for System-Level Specification and Design of Mixed-Signal Systems
Christoph Grimm, Peter Oehler, Isidoros Kanakis, Klaus Waldschmidt University of Frankfurt, Germany

Reliability and Failure Modeling of Analog Circuits using Mixed-Signal Hardware Description Languages
Serag M. GadelRab & James A. Barby Nortel Semiconductors, USA

Multi-Level Fault Modeling of Analog Circuits
M. Zwolinski, C. D. Chalk, A. J. Perkins University of Southampton, UK

Session 6: System-Level Simulation with Behavioral Modeling

Behavioral Modeling of Mixed-Signal Telecommunication Systems Using HDL-A
Ayman Ahmed Anacad, Egypt

Modeling of Embedded Software for Automotive Applications
Georg Pelz, Juergen Bielefeld, Guenter Zimmer Mercator University-GH Duisburg, Germany

Modeling Pulse Width Modulation Controller with Behavioral Building Blocks
Ken G. Ruan, Felix W. Ruan, Rick Eram Analogy Inc, USA

Poster Session

GenF - Tool for Generation of Functional Decriptions of Data Curves
Ursula Kemper, Heinz-Thao Mammen, Bernd Teutenberg Siemens AG, Germany

Creating a Behavioral Model of an Analog Integrated Circuit for Use in Application Engineering
Andrzej Lara Motorola Czech Design Center, Czechia

Reuse of Approved Models to Support the Establishment of VHDL-AMS
Sax Y. Tanurhan, K.D. Muller-Glaser Forschungszentrum Informatik Karlruhe, Germany

Operational Amplifier Modeling Using Event-Driven VHDL
Martin Schubert Fachhochschule Regensburg, Germany

Global Scheduling in an Attribute Grammar Driven Silicon Compilation Environment
George E. Economakos National Technical University of Athens, Greece

AHDL-Model of a 2D Mechanical Finite-Element Usable for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Jurgen Bielefeld, Georg Pelz, Gunter Zimmer Gerhard Mercator University, Germany

Simulation and Test of the North American Digital Cellular CDMA System
R. Mahmoudi and J.L. Tauritz Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Mixed Analog-Digital Circuit Modeling Using Event-Driven VHDL
Ernst Bartsch and Martin Schubert Fachhochschule Regensburg, Germany

Behavioral Cloning in Control of an Aircraft
H. M. Shiraz University of New South Wales, Australia

Panel Session

Are users ready for analog behavioral modeling? (report)
Prasad Subramaniam ― Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs Design Automation (organizer)
James Barby ― University of Waterloo
Ian Getreu ― Analogy
Dan FitzPatrick ― Apteq Systems
Ron Vogelsong ― Harris Semiconductor
Bob Pease ― National Semiconductor

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