2010 IEEE International Behavioral Modeling and Simulation Conference
Larry Nagel — General Chair
Jesse Chen — Program Chair

Thursday, September 23

Session 1: Modeling for Physical Design

1.1 System Verification of Flexray Communication Networks Through Behavioral Simulations (paper, presentation)
Candice Muller, Maurizio Valle
1.2 Automatic Stress Effects Computation Based On A Layout Generation Tool For Analog IC (paper, presentation)
Stéphanie Youssef, Damien Dupuis, Ramy Iskander, Marie-Minerve Louërat
1.3 EMI Modeling of a 32-bit Microcontroller in Wait Mode (paper, presentation)
Jean-Pierre Leca, Nicolas Froidevaux, Henri Braquet, Gilles Jacquemod
1.4 Circuit synthesizable Guaranteed Passive Modeling for Multiport Structures (paper, presentation)
Zohaib Mahmood, Luca Daniel

Session 2: Modeling for Systems Verification

2.1 Hierarchical Generation of Pin Accurate SystemC Models Based on RF Circuit Schematics (paper, presentation)
Yifan Wang, Zhimiao Chen, Stefan Heinen
2.2 BER and Power Consumption Estimation Based on Hierarchical Modeling of a 2.4 GHz Power Amplifier (paper, presentation)
Lucas Alves Silva, William Tatinian, Gilles Jacquemod
2.3 Baseband Fading Channel Simulator for Inter-Vehicle Communication using SystemC-AMS (paper, presentation)
Abdelbasset Massouri, Antoine Lévêque, Laurent Clavier, Michel Vasilevski, Andreas Kaiser, Marie-Minerve Louërat
2.4 Radio Receiver Mixer Model for Event-Driven Simulators to support Functional Verification of RF-SOC Wireless Links (presentation)
Jonathan David

Friday, September 24

Session 3: Modeling for Systems Verification

3.1 Battery Lifetime Modeling for a 2.45GHz Cochlear Implant Application (paper, presentation)
William Tatinian, Yannick Vaiarello, Gilles Jacquemod
3.2 Modeling Jitter in Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulators (paper, presentation)
Ahmed Ashry, Hassan Aboushady
3.3 Design and Modeling of a Successive Approximation ADC for the Electrostatic Harvester of Vibration Energy (paper, presentation)
Raouf Khalil, Andrii Dudka, Dimitri Galayko, Philippe Basset

Session 4: General Modeling Methods

4.1 Modeling and Simulation of a ManyCore PCR-CE Lab-on-Chip for DNA Sequencing using SystemC/SystemC-AMS (paper, presentation)
Amr Habib, François Pêcheux
4.2 Fault Injection in Mixed-Signal Environment Using Behavioral Fault Modeling in Verilog-A (paper, presentation)
Seyed Nemat, Allah Ahmadyan, Seyed Ghassem Miremadi
4.3 Fast Dynamic Simulation of VLSI Circuits using Reduced Order Compact Macromodel of Standard Cells (paper, presentation)
Shivam Priyadarshi, Nikhil Kriplani, Theodore Harris, Michael Steer

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