BMAS Techical Program, October 1999

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VIUF/BMAS Plenary Session


A Corporate-scale Approach to IP Reuse and Superintegration
Marco Carilli ― ST Microelectronics, Italy

Session 1: Behavioral Modeling of PLLs and Communication Circuits

An Event-Driven PLL Behavioral Model With Applications to Design Driven Noise Modeling
Monte Mar ― Cypress Semiconductor, USA

PLL Jitter Behavioral Modeling and Simulation Using HDL-A
P. Delatte, J-D. Legat and D. Flandre ― Universite Catholique de Louven, Belgium

Evaluation of Unwanted Spurious Components in the Output Spectrum of Frequency Synthesizers
Bart De Smedt, Martin Vogels, and Georges Gielen ― ESAT-MICAS, Belgium

Session 2: Behavioral Modeling of Power Electronics

State Machine Representation of State-Space Averaged DC-DC Converters Using Vhdl-AMS
Maged Fikry, Ayman Ahmed, Bassam Saadany, Ahmed Farid, Wael Fikry, and Hisham Haddara ― Mentor Graphics Corp., USA

Compact Models for Power Electronic Semiconductor Devices
H. Alan Mantooth, and Peter Lauritzen ― University of Arkansas and University of Washington, USA

A modified Jiles-Atherton model of ferromagnetic hysteresis for behavioral circuit simulation in VHDL-AMS
Tom Kazmierski, and Jerzy Baranowski ― University of Southampton, UK and Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Session 3 Standard VHDL based Mixed-Signal Simulation and Language Analysis

Mixed-Signal Event-Driven Simulation of a Phase Locked Loop (presentation 70KB)
Martin Schubert ― Fachhochschule Regensburg, Germany

Top-Down Simulation Methodology of a 500 MHz Mixed-Signal Magnetic Recording Read Channel Using Standard VHDL
Robert B. Staszewski ― Texas Instruments, Inc, USA

Scheduling chained and multicycle operations with language analysis
George Economakos and Geroge Papakonstantinou ― National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Embedded Tutorial

Introduction to VHDL-AMS Standard
Ernst Christen and Ken Bakalar ― Analogy, Inc.,USA, and Mentor Graphics Corp., USA

Session 4: VHDL-AMS Modeling Environment and Synthesis

Model Architect: An Environment for HDL-based Mixed-Signal Model Development
H. Alan Mantooth, Joseph P. Skudlarek ― Cypress Semiconductor, USA; Jeff Carlson, Douglas K. Cooper, Glenn Graham ― University of Arkansas, USA, Mentor Graphics Corp.,USA, and Synopsys, Inc., USA

Rapid Prototyping of Mixed-Signal Systems from VHDL-AMS
Sreelakshmi Ganesan, Adrian Nunez-Aldana, Nagashyamala Dhanwada, Alex Doboli, Ranga Vemuri ― University of Cincinnati, USA

Modeling and Simulation in a Multi-technology, Multi-signal system in VHDL-AMS
Ken Ruan ― Analogy Inc.,USA

Session 5: Mechanical/MEMS Modeling and Design

Complex Mechanical Systems Modeling in VHDL-AMS
Angel Suescun, Jesus Calleja, Juan Imbernon ― CEIT, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Spain

Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Highly Dynamic Actuators Used in Automotive Applications
D. Gospodaric, Z. Jajtic ― Filderstadt Trimerics GmbH, Germany

A Design Methodology for Micromechanical Bandpass Filters Using NODAS
Qi Jing, Tamal Mukherjee, and Gary K. Fedder ― Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Session 6: Are Existing Languages Adequate for Behavioral Modeling? Some Practical Studies

Behavioral Modeling of Thermodynamic and Other Non-Electrical Systems
Michael Tiller ― Ford Motor Company, USA

Electromechanical Modeling Beyond VHDL-AMS
Lars Vosskamper, Andre Ludecke, Mike Leineweber, and Georg Pelz ― University-GH Duisburg, Germany

Comparing Four Analog HDL Modelings and Simulations of a Complex System
N. Milet-Lewis, J.-J. Charlot, T. Zimmer, H. Levi and A. Laflaquiere ― Bordeaux 1 University, France

Session 7: Modeling of Mixed-Technology Systems

Behavioral Modeling for Heterogeneous Systems Based on FEM Descriptions
Joachim Haase, Sven Reitz, Peter Schwarz ― FhG IIS/EAS Dresden, Germany

Modeling in Hardware Description Languages for the Simulation of Coupled Fluidic, Thermal and Electrical Effects
Andrew Ludecke, Hoc-Khiem Trieu, Guy Hoffmann, Peter Weyand, Georg Pelz ― University-GH Duisburg, Germany

Modeling of integrated Optical Components Using a Hardware Description Language
Bassam Saadany and Diaa Khalil ― Mentor Graphics Corp., USA

Embedded Tutorial

A Component Modeling Methodology for Composite Microsystems using VHDL-AMS
A. Deway, V. Srinivasan, T. Zhang, and Jim Hanna ȁ Duke University, USA, and Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

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