BMAS 2005 Technical Program, 22-23 September 2005

Colin McAndrew, General Chair Jaijeet Roychowdhury, Program Chair
Day One

Plenary Session


Trends in RF/Mixed-Signal Design and Their Implications on Computer Aided Design (presentation)
Henry Chang and Ken Kundert Designer's Guide Consulting

Session 1: Techniques for Abstracting Behavioral Models

Block Structure Preserving Model Order Reduction (paper, presentation)
Hao Yu, Lei He, and Sheldon X.D. Tan

A General Method for Multi-Port Active Network Reduction and Realization (paper, presentation)
Pu Liu, Zhenyu Qi, and Sheldon X.-D. Tan

Reduced Order Models of Integrated RF Spiral Inductors with Geometrical and Technological Automatic Parameterization (paper, presentation)
Abhishek Garg, Ranjit Gharpurey, Edoardo Charbon

A Methodology for Modeling Lateral Parasitic Transistors in Smart Power ICs (paper, presentation)
Joerg Oehmen, Lars Hedrich, Markus Olbrich, Erich Barke

Session 2: Application and Validation of PLL Behavioral Models


Design Methodologies for Advanced Low Power Communication Circuits and Systems (presentation)
Brian Otis ― University of Washington

Modeling and Simulation of Jitter in Phase-Locked Loops due to Substrate Noise (paper, presentation)
Jae Wook Kim, Yi-Chang Lu, Robert W. Dutton

Behavioural Modeling and Simulation of a Switched-Current Phase Locked Loop (paper, presentation)
Peter Wilson, Reuben Wilcock, Bashir Al-Hashimi & Andrew D. Brown

HDL based Simulation of digital RF Frequency Synthesizers (paper, presentation)
Andreas Neyer, Sören Sappok, Stefan Heinen

Implementing Nonlinear Oscillator Macromodel using Verilog-AMS for Accurate Prediction of Injection Locking Behaviors of Oscillators (paper, presentation)
Ben Gu, Kiran Gullapalli, Steve Hamm, Brian Mulvaney, Xiaolue Lai, and Jaijeet Roychowdhury

Session 3: Posters

Accurate Behavioral Modeling Approach for PLL Designs with Supply Noise Effects (paper)
Chin-Cheng Kuo and Chien-Nan Jimmy Liu

Mixed-Mode and Mixed-Domain Modelling and Verification of Radio Frequency Subsystems for SoC Applications (paper)
Stefan Joeres and Stefan Heinen ― RWTH Aachen

Behavioral Model of UHF RFID Tag for System and Application Level Simulation (paper)
Vojtech Derbek, Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl, Christian Steger, Markus Pistauer and Suad Kajtazovic

Modeling Remote System for Sensor Monitoring using Verilog-HDL and SIMULINK Co-Simulation (paper)
Khalil Arshak , Essa Jafer , and Declan McDonagh

A Contribution to a Virtual Prototyping for a Spread Spectrum Telecommunication System using VHDL-AMS (paper)
Céline Guilleminot, Laurent Andrieux and Jean-Jaques Mercier

Efficient Analog Circuit Modeling By Boolean Logic Operations (paper)
Zhenyu Qi, Sheldon X.-D. Tan and Pu Liu

DES in Four Days using Behavioural Modeling & Synthesis (paper)
Peter R. Wilson and Andrew D. Brown

A HDL-Independent Modeling Methodology for Heterogeneous System Designs (paper)
Suad Kajtazovic, Christian Steger and Markus Pistauer

Day Two

Plenary Session


Platform-Based RF System Design for Re-Use
Peter Baltus ― Philips Semiconductor

Session 4: Behavioral Model Based System Design/Optimization 1

Transmission Line Modeling and Synthesis for Multi-Channel Communication (paper, presentation)
J. Chen and L. He

Fast Automatic Sizing of a Charge Pump Phase-Locked Loop based on Behavioral Models (paper, presentation)
Jun Zou,Daniel Mueller,Helmut Graeb,Ulf Schlichtmann,Eckhard Hennig,Ralf Sommer

VHDL-AMS Behavioral Modelling and Simulation of High-Pass Delta-Sigma Modulator (paper, presentation)
Van Tam Nguyen, Patrick Loumeau and Jean-François Naviner

A Multiple-Rotating-Clock-Phase Architecture for Digital Data Recovery Circuits using Verilog-A (paper, presentation)
S. I. Ahmed, Tad A. Kwasniewski

Embedded Tutorial


Wireline Communications: Circuit Design & Modeling
Ramesh Harjani ― University of Minnesota

Session 5: Behavioral Model Based System Design/Optimization 2


Modeling Tools Built Upon the HDL Foundation (paper, presentation)
Alan Mantooth ― University of Arkansas

VHDL-AMS Based Genetic Optimization of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for Automotive Active Suspension Systems (paper, presentation)
L. Wang and T. J. Kazmierski ― School of Electronics and Computer Science University of Southampton, UK

Mixed-signal Modeling using Simulink Based-C (paper, presentation)
Shoufeng Mu, Michael Laisne

Deploying Modelica Models into Multiple Simulation Environments (paper, presentation)
Yuri Chernukhin, Maxim Polenov, Chandrasekhar Vemulapally, Eugene Solodovnik, H. Alan Mantooth, Roger Dougal

Hierarchical Piecewise-Linear Analysis for Nonlinear Analog Circuits (paper, presentation)
Junjie Yang, Sheldon X.-D. Tan, Zhenyu Qi, Martin Gawecki

Web-Only Publications
A Simple RF Power Amplifier Behavior Model for System Level Parameters Estimation
Amel Zine, Ghislaine Maury, Fabien Ndagijimana and Caroline Arnaud
Parasitic-Aware Hierarchical Symbolic Performance Modeling for Layout-Inclusive Synthesis of Large Analog Circuits
Mukesh Ranjan, Ritochit Chakraborty and Ranga Vemuri
A New Verification Approach for Mixed-Signal Systems
G.Bonfini, M. Chiavacci, R. Mariani and R. Saletti
Modeling of the minority carriers diffusion in the substrate for SMART Power ICs
Michele Corradin, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Edoardo Charbon and Giorgio Spiazzi
The ICSM, an Instruction Set Model for Simulating Embedded Software in Mixed-Technology Systems
Norman J. Elias
Extended Frequency-Domain Modeling Capabilities for VHDL-AMS
Gennady Serdyuk, Douglas Goodman and Russell Graves
Modeling of the diode with VHDL-AMS including reverse recovery
Lyse-Aline Coyitangiye and Richard Grisel
Analyses of Vehicle Vibration Based on Virtual Reality
Liangyu Lei and Xiaojun Zhou
An XML-Based Simulation Language Supporting Model Knowledge Representation
Chen Liu and Wei-Ping Wang
Synthesis of CCII+s and CFOAs by manipulation of VFs and CMs
E. Tlelo-Cuautle, D. Torres-Munoz, L. Torres-Papaqui and A. Gaona-Hernández

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