BMAS Techical Program, 7-8 October 2003

Monte Mar, Conference Chair Ken Kundert, Program Chair

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Tuesday, October 7

Plenary Session
Host: Monte Mar, Orora Design Technologies


The Glorious Future of Macromodeling (in a Nutshell) (presentation 1MB)
Rob Rutenbar Carnegie Mellon University


Automated Model Generation Methods for Electronic Systems (paper 175KB, presentation 1.2MB)
Jaijeet Roychowdhury University of Minnesota

Session 1: Automatic Model Extraction
Host: Kartikeya Mayaram, Oregon State University

A Model Reduction Approach to Generating Geometrically Parameterized Spiral Inductor Models (paper 275KB, presentation 760KB)
Luca Daniel and Jacob White Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Modeling Nonlinear Communication ICs Using a Multivariate Formulation (paper 80kB, presentation 1.5MB)
Peng Li and Lawrence T. Pileggi Carnegie Mellon University

Modeling Memory Effects in Nonlinear Subsystems by Dynamic Volterra Series (paper 160KB, presentation 1MB)
E. Ngoya and A. Soury University of Limoges

Symbolic Model Order Reduction (paper 400KB, presentation 330KB)
Bo Hu, Guoyong Shi and Richard Shi University of Washington


A Statistical Perspective on Nonlinear Model Reduction (paper 116KB, presentation 520KB)
Joel Phillips Cadence Design Systems

Session 2: System and Data Modeling
Host: Gregory Peterson, University of Tennessee

High Frequency Lumped Element Models for Substrate Noise Coupling (paper 80KB, presentation 240KB)
Chenggang Xu, Terri Fiez and Karti Mayaram Oregon State University

Predicting Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in ADSL Transformers using Behavioural Modeling (paper 270KB, presentation 1.1MB)
Peter R. Wilson, J. Neil Ross and Andrew D. Brown
University of Southampton

SOM-LS: Selective Orthogonal Matrix Least-Squares Method for Macromodeling Multiport Networks Characterized by Sampled Data (paper 370KB, presentation 400KB)
Yuichi Tanji Kagawa University
Takayuki Watanabe
University of Shizuoka
Hideki Asai
Shizuoka University

Session 3: Panel
Organizer: Marek Mierzwinski, Tiburon Design Automation

Using Standard Modeling Languages for Compact Modeling
Ali Niknejad University of California, Berkeley (presentation 80KB)
Colin McAndrew Motorola (presentation 70KB)
Zhihong Liu Cadence (presentation 70KB)
Geoffrey Coram
Analog Devices (presentation 90KB)
Edmund Cheng
Synopsys (presentation 150KB)
David Root
Agilent Technologies (presentation 1.8MB)
Patrick O'Halloran
Tiburon Design Automation (presentation 660KB)

Wednesday, October 8

Session 4: MEMS and Mixed-Technology Modeling
Host: Colin McAndrew, Motorola


Issues in MEMS Macromodeling (paper 230KB, presentation 3.4MB)
Gary K. Fedder Carnegie Mellon University

Standard VHDL 1076.1.1 Packages for Multiple Energy Domain Support (paper 220KB, presentation 1.4MB)
Peter R. Wilson and Andrew D. Brown University of Southampton
H. Alan Mantooth
University of Arkansas

Multi-domain Modeling and Simulation of a Linear Actuation System (paper 100KB, presentation 260KB)
Deepika Devarajan, Scott Stanton and Birgit Knorr Ansoft Corporation

Accuracy and Composability in NODAS (paper 290 KB, presentation 590KB)
Gilbert C. Wong, Gerard K. Tse, Qi Jing, Tamal Mukherjee and Gary K. Fedder Carnegie Mellon University

Session 5: Posters
Host: Ken Kundert, Cadence Design Systems

Behavioral modeling of continuous time Delta-Sigma modulators (paper 270KB, poster 330KB)
Robert Sobot, Shawn Stapleton and Marek Syrzycki Simon Fraser University

Behavioral Modeling Of Multi-Technological Systems with VHDL-AMS And Simulating With Spice (paper 140KB)
Sabeur Jemmali, Ali Nehme and Jean-Jacques Charlot

Improving Analog Simulation Speed using Selective Matrix Update (paper 280KB)
Sameer S. Kher and Harold W. Carter University of Cincinnati

Behavioral Modeling and Simulation of Antennas: Radio-Frequency Identification case study (paper 400KB)
V. Beroulle, R. Khouri, T. Vuong and S. Tedjini LCIS - ESISAR

Multiple DC Solution Determination using VHDL-AMS (paper 203KB, poster 430KB)
Joachim Haase Fraunhofer-Institut Integrierte Schaltungen
Gerd Pönisch
Technische Universität Dresden
Manfred Uhle
Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics

Simulation of Complex Digital Systems in Matlab (paper 180KB, poster 290KB)
M. Zorzi, F. Franze and N. Speciale University of Bologna

VHDL-AMS Modeling of VCSEL including Noise (paper 80KB, poster 80KB)
Mohamed Karray, Patricia Desgreys and Jean-Jacques Charlot École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications

HDL-Based System Engineering for Automotive Power Applications (paper 200KB)
Dieter Metzner, Georg Pelz and Jürgen Schäfer Infineon Technologies AG

Distributed Electrothermal Modeling in VHDL-AMS (paper 210KB, poster 30KB)
Pavel V. Nikitin, Erik Normark and C.-J. Richard Shi University of Washington

Session 6: Compact Modeling
Host: Ali Niknejad, University of California, Berkeley


Extensions to Verilog-AMS to Support Compact Device Modeling (paper 310KB, presentation 160KB)
Laurent Lemaitre Motorola
Geoffrey Coram
Analog Devices
Colin McAndrew
Ken Kundert
Cadence Design Systems

Mixed Compact and Behavior Modeling Using AHDL Verilog-A (paper 300KB, presentation 610KB)
H.-C. Wu, S. Mijalkovic, J. G. Macías and J. Burghartz Delft University of Technology

Accuracy Issues in a High-LevelModel for MEMS varactors (paper 150KB, presentation 660KB)
Janakiram G. Sankaranarayanan Oregon State University
Manas Behera Oregon State University
Narayan Aluru University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kartikeya Mayaram Oregon State University

Achieving Language Independence with Paragon (paper 300KB, presentation 290KB)
Pinki Mallick, Matt Francis, Vemulapally Chandrasekhar, Anthony Austin, H. Alan Mantooth
University of Arkansas

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