Technical Program
2006 IEEE International Behavioral Modeling and Simulation Conference
Colin McAndrew, General Chair Tony Strachan, Program Chair

Day One:

Plenary Session


Design in the Nano Era: A Statistical Challenge! (presentation)
Dr. Marcel Pelgrom - Philips Research, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Session 1: Behavioral Model System Design/Verification

A SystemC/Simulink Cosimulation Framework for Continuous/Discrete-Events Simulation (paper, presentation)
Faouzi Bouchhima, Gabriela Nicolescu, Matthieu Briere, Mohamed Abid and El Mostapha Aboulhamid

Verification of Digitally Calibrated Anaolg Systems with Verilog-AMS Behavioral Models (paper, presentation)
Robert Peruzzi

Statistical Compact Modeling and Simulation for Linear Dynamic Systems (paper, presentation)
Jeffrey Fan, Ning Mi and Sheldon Tan

Statistical Gate Level Simulation via Voltage Controlled Current Source Models (paper, presentation)
Bao Liu and Andrew Kahng

Behavioral-level performance modeling of analog and mixed-signal systems using support vector machines (paper, presentation)
X Ren and T. J. Kazmierski

Session 2: Component Modeling


Modeling for Statistical Timing Applications (presentation)
Dr Joel Phillips, Cadence Research Labs

Mixed Modeling of a SAW Delay Line using VHDL-AMS (paper, presentation)
William Wilson and Gary Atkinson

Macro-model of Spin-Transfer Torque based Magnetic Tunnel Junction device for hybrid Magnetic-CMOS design (paper, presentation)
Weisheng Zhao, Eric Belhaire, Virgile Javerliac,Claude Cchappert, Quentin Mistral, Elsa Nicolle and Bernard Dieny

An Extended SVD-based Terminal and Model Order Reduction Algorithm (paper, presentation)
Pu Liu, Sheldon Tan, Boyuan Yan and Bruce McGaughy

A Referenced Geometry Based Configuration Scalable Mextram Model for Bipolar Transistors (paper, presentation)
Hsien-Chang Wu, Slobodan Mijalkovic and Joachim Burghartz
Modeling of Spring Constant and Pull-down Voltage of Non uniform RF MEMS Cantilever (paper, presentation)
Shimul Chandra Saha, Ulrik Hanke, Geir Uri Jensen and Trond Sæther

Session 3: Poster and Vendor Exhibits

Vendor Presentations
Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor

SCISIP – Program for Switched Circuit Analysis in Matlab (paper)
Tomas Lukl, Jaroslav Vrana and Jiri Misurec

Event-Driven Modeling and Simulation of an Digital PLL (paper)
Jingcheng Zhuang, Qingjin Du and Tad Kwasniewski

Simulation of Power Grid Networks Considering Wires and Lognormal Leakage Current Variations
Ning Mi, Jeffrey Fan and Sheldon Tan

An Approach to Analyze and Improve the Simulation Efficiency of Complex Behavioral Models (paper)
Daniel Platte, Ralf Sommer and Erich Barke

SPICE Modeling of Free-Space Optical Systems (paper)
Ahmed Hussein, Ahmed Nounou, Nehal Saada, Dina Atef and Diaa Khalil

Improving the performance of an FPGA based Model design for sensor monitoring using PlanAhead tool
Khalil Arshak, Essa Jafer and Christian Ibala

Day Two:

Plenary Session


Design and Circuit CAD at Sub-65nm Technology Node: Challenges & Opportunities
Dr. Shiuh-Wuu Lee ― Intel

Session 4: Behavioral Model System Design/Verification

Verification of CML circuits used in PLL contexts with Verilog-AMS (paper, presentation)
Jonathan David

Mixed-Signals Design Automation using the MIX-SYN Framework
Eric Liao and Adam Postula

Average Behavioral Modeling Technique for Switched-Capacitor Voltage Converters (paper, presentation)
Dalia El-Ebiary, Maged Fikry, Mohamed Dessouky and Hassan Ghitany

A Verilog Mixed-Signal Model of a 10-bit Pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converter
Jeff Mentzer and Todd Wey
A New Approach for Modeling the Nonlinearity of Analog to Digital Converters Based on Spectral Components. (paper, presentation)
Nehal Saada, Rafik Guindi and Aly Salama
Expected Performance Centering for Analog/RF Designs (paper, presentation)
Bao Liu and Andrew Kahng
Peak Distortion Analysis Implemented in VHDL-AMS (presentation, SystemVision project files)
Arpad Muranyi

Session 5: Wireless Systems

Automated Receiver Design and Optimization for 4G Wireless Communication Systems (paper, presentation)
Delia Rodríguez de Llera González, Ana Rusu and Mohammed Ismail

System-Level Time-Domain Behavioral Modeling for a Mobile WiMax Transceiver (paper, presentation)
Jie He, Jun Seok Yang, Yongsup Kim and Austin S. Kim

Functional Verification of Radio Frequency SoCs using Mixed-Mode and Mixed-Domain Simulations (paper, presentation)
Stefan Joeres and Stefan Heinen

Nanometer Wireless Transceiver Modeling using Verilog-AMS and SystemC (paper, presentation)
Martin Hujer, Radek Manasek, Jerry O'Mahony, Patrick Feerick, Mark Barry and Brendan Walsh

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