BMAS Techical Program, October 1998

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Session 1: Behavioral Modeling Methods and Algorithms

Analog Macro / Behavioral Modeling Techniques
Ronald Vogelsong Harris Semiconductor, USA

Using a Genetic Algorithm to Enhance Behavioral Models
Shane Blanchard American Microsystems Inc., USA

Algorithmic Macromodeling of Time-Varying Systems with RF Applications
Jaijeet Roychowdhury Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories, USA

Session 2: VHDL-AMS Language and Design Environment

A Core Language and Simple Formal Denotational Semantics for VHDL-AMS
P. T. Breurer, N. Martinez-Madrid, D. Delgado Kloos, J.P. Bowen, R. France, and M. Larrondo Petrie Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, The University of Reading, UK, Florida Atlantic University, USA

The Definition of a VHDL-AMS Subset for Behavioral Synthesis of Analog Systems
Alex Doboli and Ranga Vemuri University of Cincinnati, USA

Web-based VHDL-AMS Design Environment
Tom J. Kazmierski, and Chris D. Chalk University of Southampton, UK

Session 3: MEMS Behavioral Modeling

Squeeze Film Behavior in MEMS for Large Amplitude Motion - 3D Simulations and Nonlinear Circuit / Behavioral Models
Marek Turowski, Zhijian Chen, and Andrzej Przekwas CFD Research Corporation, USA

Parametric Regression Analysis of Microelectromechanical Resonator
Allen Dewey, Tianhao Zhang, Hong Ren, and Junhua Wu Duke University, USA

NODAS 1.0 - Nodal Design of Actuators and Sensors
G. K. Fedder, and Qi Jing Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Session 4: VHDL-AMS Based Modeling and Simulation

VHDL-AMS Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Decreasing Mixed-Technology Simulation Time
K. Nellayappan, V. Shanmugasundaram, P. Frey, J. Manavalan, V. Krishna, K.R. Vishwa Shanth, and H. W. Carter University of Cincinnati, USA

Color Rendering in a Hazy Environment : Simulation with SPICE3F5/VHDL-AMS
J.-J. Charlot, O. Alali, E. Barker, J.-F. Charlot Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications , France, Stanford University, USA, EMCE, France

Behavioral Modelig of Switched-Capacitor Delta-Sigma Modulators Using VHDL-AMS
Sherif Glala, Maged Fikry, Ayman Ahmed, and Hisham Haddara Mentor Graphics Corp., Egypt

Session 5: Behavioral Modeling and Simulation for System Verification

Behavioral Models for the Top-down Design and Bottom-up Verification of Frequency Synthesizers
Georges Gielen, and Bart De Smedt Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Behavioral Modeling of Standard Complex Telecom IC Parts Using HDL-A
Ayman Ahmed, Maged Fikry, Sherif Galal, and Hisham Haddara Mentor Graphics Corp., Egypt

Modeling of a Combustion Engine with Hardware Description Languages
Georg Pelz, Thomas Kowalewski, Nadine Pohlmann, and Gunter Zimmer Gerhard Mercator University-GH-Duisburg, Germany, Fraunhofer-Institute IMS, Germany

Session 6: Full System Simulation with Behavioral Models

Behavioral Modeling and Simulation of Optronic Systems
K. Vuorinen, F. Gaffiot, and G. Jacquemod Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France

An Efficient Behavioral Model of a Sigma-Delta Modulator based Microsensor
Patrick Aldebert, Ph. Benabes, R. Kielbasa Ecole Superieure d'Electricite, France

Virtual Prototyping for a Camera Winder : a Case Study
Georg Pelz, Jurgen Bielefeld, and Gunter Zimmer Gerhard Mercator University-GH-Duisburg, Germany, BMW AG, Germany, Fraunhofer-Institute IMS, Germany

Session 7: Statistical and Noise Behavioral Modeling

A Methodology for Statistical Behavioral Fault Modeling
Zheng Rong Yang, and Mark Zwolinski University of Southampton, UK

Behavioral Models for Noise in MOSFET Mixers
Uytao Hu, and Karti Mayaram Washington State University, USA

Poster Papers Session

Modeling of Skin-Effect Losses in a Multiconductor Data Cable and Implementation in Circuit Simulation
A. M. Zolfaghari, M. Kocher, and M. Sprengeler Groupe Schneider North America / Square D Company, USA

Behavioral Modeling for Low-Voltage Data Converters based on Process Specific Device Parameters
Mike Pennell, and David Allee Intel Corporation, USA, Arizona State University, USA

A Hierarchical Modeling of Analog CMOS Components for Synthesis
Adrian Nunez-Aldana, and Ranga Vemuri University of Cincinnati, USA

Feature Oriented Analog Waveform Behavioral Modeling
Martin Schubert, and Beatriz Gonzalez Fachhochschule Regensburg, Germany

Accurate activity evaluation from VHDL Description using Formal Approach
Fahim Rahim-Sarwary, R. K.awa, A. Amara Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris, France

A Grammatical Approach to the Exploitment of Speculative Execution of Behavioral Models
George Economakos, and P. Tsanakas National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Panel Discussion

Behavioral Modeling: Tool or Toy
Jim Barby ― University of Waterloo, Canada (Moderator)
Dave Bartlett ― Harris Semiconductor, USA
Jim Holmes ― Texas Instruments, USA
Ken Kundert ― Cadence Design Systems, USA
David Rich ― Lucent Technologies, USA

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