2007 IEEE International Behavioral Modeling and Simulation Conference
Colin McAndrew, General Chair Larry Nagel, Program Chair

Thursday, September 20

Session 1: Applications of Behavioral Modeling


System Design Oriented RF Block Modeling : When Top-Down Reaches Bottom-Up (paper, presentation)
William Tatinian, Benjamin Nicolle and Gilles Jacquemod


Tracing SRAM Separatrix for Dynamic Noise Margin Analysis under Device Mismatch (paper, presentation)
Garng M. Huang, Wei Dong, Yenpo Ho and Peng Li


Modeling Heterogeneous Systems Using SystemC-AMS Case Study: A Wireless Sensor Network Node (paper, presentation)
Michel Vasilevski, Francois Pecheux, Hassan Aboushady and Laurent de Lamarre


An Efficient Bottom-Up Extraction Approach to Build Behavioral Model of Switched-Capacitor Modulators (paper, presentation)
Wei-Hsiang Cheng, Chin-Cheng Kuo, Po-Jen Chen, Yi-Min Wang and Chien-Nan Jimmy Liu

1.5 Behavioral Thermal Modeling for Quad-Core Microprocessors (paper, presentation)
Duo Li, Sheldon Tan and Murli Tirumala
1.6 Automatic Mixed-Signal Design Verification Instrumentation with Observation Specification Language (paper, presentation)
Jonathan David

Keynote Address


Model to Hardware Correlation for nm-scale Technologies (presentation)
Sani Nassif, IBM

Session 2: Behavioral Modeling Tools


High-Performance Model Compilation for Complex Behavioral Models (paper, presentation)
Daniel Platte, Christoph Knoth, Erich Barke and Ralf Sommer


Certify- A Characterization and Validation Tool for Behavioral Models (paper, presentation)
Weifeng Li, Omair Abbasi, Naveed Hingora, Yongfeng Feng and Alan Mantooth


Event Driven Analog Modeling of RF Frontends (paper, presentation)
Stefan Joeres, Hans-Werner Groh and Stefan Heinen


RF Library based on Block Diagram and Behavioral descriptions (paper, presentation)
Benjamin Nicolle, Jean-José Mayol, William Tatinian, Jean Oudinot and Gilles Jacquemod

2.5 Reliability Simulation based on Verilog-A (paper, presentation)
Marq Kole
2.6 Statistical Eye Analysis Algorithm in VHDL-AMS (paper, presentation)
Arpad Muranyi

Session 3: Posters and Vendor Exhibits


A Mixed-Mode behavioral model for a Controller-Area-Network bus transceiver: a case study (paper)
William Prodanov, Maurizio Valle, Roman Buzas and Hubert Pierscinski


Efficient Modeling of Single Event Transients Directly in Compact Device Models (paper)
Matt Francis, Marek Turowski, Jim Holmes and Alan Mantooth


A Mathematica-Based Approach to Designing Receiver and Transmitter Gain Tables (paper)
Jesse Chen


Behavioral Modeling of a Charge Pump Voltage Converter for SoC Functional Verification Purposes (paper)
Dalia H. El-Ebiary, Mohamed A. Dessouky and Hassan El-Ghitani

3.5 Modeling and Analysis of Biological Cells in DRAM Implementation (paper)
Jeffrey Fan, Guofen Yu, Jichang Tan and Sheldon Tan
3.6 Simul'Elec, a Delphi written simulator for power Electrical Engineering, using VHDL-AMS modeling (paper, presentation)
Fabien Legrand, Maria Azurmendi, Fernando Martin, Luis Fontán, Jean-Jacques Charlot and Nadine Couture

Friday, September 21

Session 4: Behavioral Models - Part 1


Behavioral Models of Frequency Pulling in Oscillators (paper, presentation)
Mohammad Heidari and Asad Abidi


A Generic VHDL-AMS Behavioral Model Physically Accounting For Typical Analog Non-Linear Output Behavior (paper, presentation)
Kamal Sabet and Tamer Riad


An Accurate PLL Behavioral Model for Fast Monte Carlo Analysis under Process Variation (paper, presentation)
Chin-Cheng Kuo, Meng-Jung Lee, I-Ching Tsai,Chien-Nan Liu and Ching-Ji Huang


AMS modeling of controlled switch for design optimization of capacitive vibration energy harvester (paper, presentation)
Dimitri Galayko, Rodrigo Pizarro, Philippe Basset, Ayaz M. Paracha and Gilles Amendola

4.5 An Integrated Approach to Energy Harvester Modeling and Performance Optimization (paper, presentation)
Leran Wang, Tom Kazmierski, Bashir Al-Hashimi, Steve Beeby and Russel Torah
4.6 Multilevel Modeling of Integrated Power Harvesting System using VHDL-AMS and SPICE (paper, presentation)
Hela Boussetta, Marcin Marzencki, Yasser Ammar and Skandar Basrour

Keynote Address


Analog Verification (presentation)
Henry Chang, Designer's Guide Consulting

Session 5: Behavioral Models - Part 2


Macro-modeling of Liquid Crystal Cell with Verilog-A (paper, presentation)
Makoto Watanabe, Keiichiro Ishihara, Takeyuki Tsuruma, Yasuhiko Iguchi, Yoshiharu Nakajima and Yasuhito Maki


A Unified Electrical SPICE Model for Piezoelectric Transducers (paper, presentation)
Jean-Marc GALLIERE, Philippe PAPET and Laurent LATORRE


An efficient and accurate MEMS accelerometer model with sense finger dynamics for applications in mixed-technology control loops (paper, presentation)
Chenxu Zhao, Leran Wang and Tom Kazmierski


Worst-Case Modeling and Simulation of an Automotive Throttle in VHDL-AMS (paper, presentation)
Anton Pirker-Frühauf, Karsten Schönherr, Arnaud Laroche and Georg Pelz

5.5 Behavioral Simulation of Biological Neuron Systems using VHDL and VHDL-AMS (paper, presentation)
Julian A. Bailey, Peter R. Wilson, Andrew D. Brown and John E. Chad
5.6 Phase Change Memory Modeling Using Verilog-A (paper, presentation)
Yi-Bo Liao, Yan-Kai Chen and Meng-Hsueh Chiang

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