BMAS Technical Program, 7-8 October 2002

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Plenary Session


Future Directions in Mixed-Signal Behavioral Modeling (presentation 380KB)
Ken Kundert Cadence Design Systems, USA


An Overview of Behavioral Modeling for Mixed Signal Design: Challenges and Opportunities
Richard Shi University of Washington, USA
Ken Kundert
Cadence Design Systems, USA

Session 1: VHDL-AMS Modeling

Architecture Development of Mixed Signal ICs for Automotive Applications (paper 490KB)
Dieter Metzner Jurgen Schafer Infineon Technologies, Germany

A Nonlinear Simulation Model for High Integrated Hall Devices in Silicon (paper 790KB)
Josef Schweda Infinenon Design Center, Austria
Karl Riedling
Technical University, Vienna

Behavioral Model of Parallel Optical Modules (paper 270KB)
Yannick Herve CNRS-ERM/Phase France

Session 2: Modeling and Simulation Approaches

Models Rush In Where Simulators Fear to Tread: Extending the Baseband-Equivalent Model (paper 560KB)
Paul Tuinenga Cadence Design Systems, USA

Piecewise-Linear Modeling of Analog Circuits Based on Model Extraction From Trained Neural Networks (paper 160KB)
Simona Doboli, Gaurav Gothoskar, Alex Doboli Hofstra University, USA; State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA

Behavioral Modeling of Transmission Line Channels via Linear Transformations (paper 130KB)
Albert Vareljian Canada

Windowing Techniques in Frequency-Domain Simulation (paper 140KB)
Giorgio Casinovi Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Radisim - A Fast Digital RF Behavioral Simulatior Including Bit Error Rate Assessment for System Exploration, Tuning, and Validation (paper 220KB)
Joseph Skudlarek Cypress Semiconductor, USA


Behavioral Model Generation (presentation 30KB)
Ken Kundert Cadence Design Systems (Organizer)
Joel Phillips Cadence Design Systems, USA
David Root
Agilent, USA
Richard Shi
University of Washingon
Jaijeet Roychowdhury
University of Minnesota


Modeling and Test Bench Generation: A Case Study with Pipelined A/D Converters (paper 630KB)
Jonathan David Cadence Design Systems, USA

Session 3: Short Papers

VHDL-AMS Modeling of a New PLL with an Inverse Sine Phase Detector (paper 80KB)
Mohammed Karray, Jong Kug Seon, Jean-Jaques Charlot Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, France

Virtual Test Bench for Design and Simulation of Data Converters (paper 160KB)
Pedro Estrada-Gutierrez, Franco Maloberti Texas A&M University, USA

Sampling Rate and Quantification Density Control in VHDL-AMS (paper 470KB)
Yannick Herve, Sebastien Snaidero CNRS-Phase, France

Understanding the Effect of Circuit Non-idealities on Sigma-Delta Modulator (paper 2.7MB)
Wern Koe Texas Instruments, USA

Session 4: RF Modeling

Mixed-Signal Behavioral Simulation of an Envelope Predistortion Linearization System for RF Power Amplifiers (paper 34 0KB)
Wangmyong Woo, Kongpo U-yen, J. Stevenson Kenney Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Systematic Behavioral Modeling of Nonlinear Microwave/RF Circuits in the Time Domain Using Techniques from Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (paper 190KB)
David Root, John Wood, Alexander Pekker, Nick Tufillaro, Dominique Schreurs Agilent Technologies, Agilent Laboratories, USA, K. U. Leuven, Belgium

Nonlinear Microwave/RF System Design and Simulation Using ADS 'System-Data Models' (paper 170KB)
J. Wood, X. Qin, A. Cognata Agilent Technologies, USA

Session 5: Languages and Interfaces

Bi-Directional Mixed Signal Connection Modules for Automatic Insertion (paper 8.4MB)
Olaf Zinke Cadence Design Systems, USA

A New VHDL-AMS Simulation Framework in Matlab (paper 180KB)
M. Zorzi, N. Speciale, G. Masetti ― DEIS, University of Bologna

Hypermodel Library Automatic Generation (paper 70KB)
Ken Ruan Synopsys, USA

The Gnucap Model Compiler (paper 130KB)
Al Davis Idaho State University, USA

Session 6: Mixed Techonology and Mixed Domain

Stochastic Simulation of Biological Cellular Processes Using VHDL-AMS (paper 220KB)
Gregory Peterson, Joseph Lancaster University of Tennessee, USA

Opto-Electro-Thermal Model of a VCSEL Array Using VHDL-AMS (paper 190KB)
Patricia Desgreys, Mohamed Karray, Jean-Jaques Charlot, Yannick Herve Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, France

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